Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: What are the dangers of using chemical hair dyes?

Chemical hair dyes contain an ingredient known as para-phenylenediamine (PPD), a coal tar. This chemical can produce acute allergic reactions and more severely, anaphylactic shock. PPD and other chemicals in hair dye (such as propylene glycol, ammonia, and formaldehyde) all have their own specific dangers and can cause organ toxicity. In fact, France, Germany, and Sweden banned the use of PPD in hair dye. 


Question: What is henna?

Henna is a plant, also known as Lawsonia inermis, which has been used for thousands of years to dye hair and for body art. Its leaves are dried and crushed into a powder, which is then used for coloring. Other plants we use include indigo and cassia.


Question: Who can use henna?

Everyone! Henna is completely safe and natural. It works on all hair textures and colors. Your color results will depend on several factors, including starting color, porosity, and previous processing.


Question: What are the benefits of using henna?

Pure henna will condition your hair and protect it from the sun. It will make your hair stronger, thicker, and give it shine. It also can help alleviate some scalp issues, such as dandruff. 


Question: Are you only able to achieve red results using henna or plant dyes?

No, we can also achieve blond, brown, and black results depending on your starting color. Along with henna, we can blend indigo, cassia and other plants to create an individual mix best suited to you. 


Question: Is Henna permanent or will it rinse out?

Henna is permanent. New hair growth will need to be touched up as normal, usually every 4 to 6 weeks. 


Question: Does henna cover gray hair?

Yes, Henna will completely cover gray hair safely and beautifully.


Question: Are you able to lighten my hair with henna?

No, henna and plant dyes will not lighten your hair.


Question: My hair was previously highlighted or chemically treated, will you still be able to henna my hair?

Yes. Because our henna and plant colors are pure, they will not react negatively on chemically processed hair. In fact, henna will actually improve the condition of your hair.


Question: Is henna safe to use during pregnancy or if I’m trying to become pregnant? What about during chemotherapy?

Yes, our henna and plant dyes are all natural and completely safe for everyone!


Question: I’ve heard henna takes a long time to process. Do I have to wait at the salon while my henna processes on my head?

Since henna and the other plants we use are completely safe, you can go home or even to the beach and let the color develop there. 

Question: Why should I come to the salon for henna? Can’t I just do it at home?

Readily available commercial “hennas” very often contain metallic compounds that can melt or turn processed hair green. These poor quality “hennas” are not true henna and often contain chemicals. 

Megumi Organic Salon uses only the highest quality 100% pure henna and plant colors. At the salon, we apply the experience and knowledge necessary to custom mix our plant dyes to give you the best possible results. 


Question: Do you offer any chemical services such as perms or straight perms?

No, Megumi Organic Salon is a 100% natural, chemical free salon. We do not offer any chemical processing.